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Air pump gun soft ball shooting toy



  • ★【High-quality toy accessories】This toy package includes 1 scoring and vocal duck, 2 air pump guns, and 48 EVA safety foam balls. Extra gift:1 screwdriver for disassembling and installing the battery.Guns and duck are made of safe, green and odorless ABS material, which is wear-resistant, drop-resistant and durable. The smooth surface will not hurt small hands of kids.
  • ★【Fun competitive game】Hungry duck feeding game, big mouth styling target, easy to shoot the ball into the big mouth.When the ball is shot into duck's mouth and touches the duck's tongue,it will make funny sounds and LCD screen will display the score, 1 ball/1 point.
  • ★【Aerodynamic shooting】Anique play of air pump shooting: Through the squeeze air pump to shoot the ball.Long range, up to 33 feet.With 2 guns, kids can play with their parents and friends to increase parent-child interaction and social interaction
  • ★【Safe for kids】High-quality safety foam ball made of EVA foam, soft,light weight, safe and harmless.Kids will not feel pain,even shooting on them.48 balls,can be recycled and suitable for multiplayer sports.
  • ★【Playing and learning】Through games of aiming and shooting , kids can improve hand-eye coordination and concentration,and release their emotions. It is also suitable for teenagers and adults.It is a cool gift of birthday and holiday for your boys and girls.


foam ball

EVA foam ball

The shooting game kit includes 48 balls.Kids can have fun and will not pause the game midway due to lack of balls.

This EVA balls are safe and soft. Even if shotting on the body, kids will feel no pain.

Air pump gun

Power air pump gun

The principle of the air pump gun: Use air to squeeze to launch the ball.


  • Long range, up to 33 feet.
  • The handle of the gun can be rotated 360° to facilitate shooting from different angles.
  • The barrel can hold 12 balls at a time.

shooting game for kids

High-quality duck model


  • Made of ABS material, it is safe and tasteless, resistant to drop and wear.
  • Colorful and bright, attract kid's attention.
  • The surface is smooth without burrs and does not hurt hands.


Ingenious design: Put on the battery, shoot its tongue, it will make funny sounds and score points.

soft ball shooting toy

Easy to fetch the ball

Without affecting the beauty, hole is designed on the back to make it easier to get the ball.

Hungry duck feeding game

Best Gift for Kids


  • This is a great idea about gifts!Give your kid for birthday parties, family gatherings or outdoor entertainment.
  • Play a competition game of kid and adults to enhance parent-child relationship.

Competitive Games

Hungry duck feeding game

Learning from playing


  • The outdoor archery kit let kids builds physical discipline, as well as increased strength, stamina, hand/eye coordination and concentration.
  • At the same time, keep your kid away from TV, mobile phones, electronic games and other electronic products that are not conducive to the Better growth for kid.

Toy set includes


  1. 1*Duck shooting target
  2. 2*Air pump gun, 36
  3. *EVA foam balls,
  4. and a gift:1 Screwdriver to install 2 batterys on the bottom of the duck


(Batterys not included).

They are packed in a beautiful carton.